Mon 1/29- Tostados & Taxes

Taxes are the worst! The IRS kicks off the tax filing season on Monday January 29th and I strongly suggest burying your tax blues in a big pile of tostados! Between now and April 15th you’ll need to start digging through that big box of receipts and prepare to send your taxes over to the IRS who expects to receive nearly 155 million individual tax returns for 2017. As you might have heard…thank you 24 hour news cycles… there were some big changes to the tax code so keep an eye on your mailbox over the next few weeks as your major tax forms will be distributed. My head is spinning just thinking about it all and I’m sure George Boutwell, who was the first Commissioner of the Internal Revenue under President Lincoln, would agree… Tostados make everything better.

I am obsessed with these creamy black bean tostados, they are vegetarian but still very hearty, super quick and easy to prepare and they are cheap so you can start packing away your savings to hand over to Uncle Sam. So do as I do, eat a ton of tostados and pretend to not think about taxes again till April 14th.

Tostados and taxes recipie card




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