Thurs 2/1: Family Learning Night to Kickoff National African American History Month

National African American History Month Kickoff

National African American history month is kicked off on Thursday February 1st and can be traced back all the way to 1915 and it’s a super important month for remembering people, event and achievements of African diaspora. Historian Carter G. Woodson started this celebration way back in 1915 and it has since grown from a single week to an entire month. It’s a great time to dig deeper into well known topics such as the courageous stories told during the Underground Railroad movement and discover lesser known stories such as inoculation was first introduces to America by a slave in 1706.

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a while since I’ve been in school and I am looking for ways to educate myself and my sweet baby on all the important achievements that African Americans brought to our great nation. I’ve dug all over the internet for ya and wanted to direct you to some super awesome support sites that will help provide you resource materials to share with your family. I cant think of a better way to kick off a dinner conversation than bringing out some of these unbelievable stories!


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