Try it Tuesday: Get Yo Mind Right was blessed with one of those brains that seems to really kick in to hear about the time I put my head down on my pillow! I had tried lots of things like melatonin, weird pillows and even just plain old counting sheep.

One day at work I took a leadership course that was about mindfulness. (Insert eye role here). I went into the class super skeptical, I mean, waste of time right? To be honest, some of the class really was a little “yeah yeah yeah, I’m never gonna do that” BUT then I discovered meditation and it really has helped me focus and release all those thoughts that run wild through my mind. I’ve found if I just pause for even a few minuets it can really change my mindset!

If you are interested in trying something new on this fabulous Tuesday, check out my favorite FREE mindfulness app that helps provide you with guided meditations. They even have some kids guided breathing exercises that are fun to try with the family. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

I‘m using the Stop, Breathe & Think app to meditate! #sbt


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