Wine Crush Wednesday: Episode 1


I am super pumped to introduce our weekly video series, Wine Crush Wednesday!  Wine is defiantly my jam, I LOVE wine and everything that goes along with it, so each Wednesday we are going to share tips and suggestions to help you have your best wine Wednesday!

This week we are going to talk one of my most favorite Chardonnay and how to quickly cool a bottle down for a last minuet sipping!  Click here to check out Wine Crush Wednesday Episode 1!

Wine Crush Wednesday is sponsored by WSJ Wines!  Who knew the Wall Street Journal was a hardcore wine peeps!  WSJ Wines had me at “Deliver Wine to Your Door” and they are offering an $120 savings opportunity on their wine club for Sip Sip Hooray followers.  So check out the sponsored links below to get this awesome savings opportunity and if you buy, Sip Sip Hooray makes a little bit of money!

WSJ Wines

Wine Crush Wednesday!


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