3/28: Wine Crush Wednesday, Just Chillin

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I will be the first one to admit my wine knowledge is totally basic.  I know I like wine, but that’s about where my knowledge ends.  There is no shame in this blog, so I’m just gonna say it, sometimes I drink warm Chardonnay, I know I’m not supposed to, but I do.  While you were gathering yourself from that revelation, I would like to pinky promise that moving forward I want to do better… I need to do better… so I got down and dirty with research on the proper way I should be drinking my best friends… ummm I mean wine. thermo wine

What I discovered in my research is that serving your wine at the ideal temperature will drive an optimal drinking experience.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m adding in extra calories, they better be optimal.  If you are serving your wine to warm, the alcohol flavor will be enhanced, which I know might sound enticing, but ultimately it just makes the flavor of the wine feel flat.  And if you are serving your wines too cold, it will mute flavors making them taste too harsh and astringent.

So it seems we have ourselves in a bit of a goldilocks scenario, what is the perfect temp for your wine?  Glad you asked, the majority of the resources suggested the following serving temperatures:

wine tempsSparkling Wine: 45-48 °F
Light White Wines: 45-50 °F
Full Bodied White Wines: 50-55 °F
Light Red Wine- 55-60 Degrees °F
Full Bodied Red Wines- 60-65 °F

Helpful right?  Ummm, no, and just so you know your kid’s little forehead thermometer is no help in checking wine temperature.  All of this is great info, but how the heck do you check a wine bottle’s temperature?  So glad you asked!  We have researched some of the top rated wine thermometers on Amazon and have provided you some affiliate links so you’ll never be abashed by your wine temperature again!

Is your wine a bit too hot?  Too cold?  Check out the quick how to video on the fastest way to make your wine perfect for that picky Goldilocks wine snooty guest.

Take a look at these great and affordable thermometer options!  After all this digging, I am going to pinky promise to try to stop dropping ice cubes into my Chard!  Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Kikkerland Wine Bottle Thermometer

Plastic Cased Alltemp Select Infrared Wine Thermometer with Clip

Vacu Vin Wine and Champagne Bottle Snap Thermometer – Purple


Mon 2/26: National Fairy Tale Day

Once Upon a Time, there was a blogger who lived in the land of peaches and dreamed of being surrounded by fermented grapes.

Wicked queens, beautiful princesses and ugly trolls, where did these crazy characters originate?   Fairy Tales have been around for thousands of years and are most likely derived based on legends that originate from cultural, spiritual believes and even historical events.  If anyone knows how to spin a tale, it’s Disney!  Today I have asked my sweet friend and Disney Planner, Jennifer Turner to swing by and tell us all about how she can help you plan a vacation filled with fairy tales!

Swing by Jennifer’s Facebook Page to learn more about Fairy Tale Planning! Like and share with your friends to help their fairy tale dreams come true!


Click here to download Walt Font for your fairy tale letters!

And click here to down load your free family fun Mad Lib: Once upon a time

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2/24 Saturday Sips & Tips: Oscar Party Pic Back Drop

Next week is Oscar Night, whoohoo! I’m sure this isn’t shocking, but my favorite part of the Oscars is the red carpet walk! I love seeing all the glitz and glamor and throwing an Oscar Party is the perfect way to celebrate with friends. I love setting up photo booths for theme parties and the Oscars is the perfect opportunity to help with the flair!

You only have 1 week to order a few cheap easy items from our affiliate partners below, then pick a blank wall, and set yourself up your very own back drop and let your guests get CRAZY!

Tytroy 3 ft x 8 ft Metallic Black Foil Fringe Foil Tinsel Shimmer Door Window Wall Wedding Curtain Party Decoration

Beistle 50119 Awards Night Door Curtain, 4-Feet 6-Inch by 3-Feet

Beistle Carpet Runner, 24in by 15 ft, Red

Movie Buff Gold Trophies (1 dz) by Fun Express

Custom Movie – Hollywood Party Photo Booth Props – Personalized Prom, Homecoming and Oscar Party Supplies – 20 Selfie Props

Fri 2/23: International Dog Biscuit Day

We love our fur babies! Spoiling your animals is a world wide obsession, we spend over $63 Billion dollars world wide on pet care. The humanizing of our pets began with the Baby Boomers and didn’t slow down with the Gen Xers or Millennials. The Pet Care industry is thriving and there is no indication of a slow down. One of the biggest trends is promoting a healthy pet lifestyle for your family pet! As a Southerner, we are know to love through food, so why not extend that to your sweet fur babies too with some easy no-bake puppy treats.

Check out this fun recipe you can whip up with your no canine kiddos!

Dog Biscuit Recipie.png

Wine Crush Wednesday: Celebration Wine


Celebrating is at the core of what we love to do at Sip Sip Hooray!    I LOVE anything that has bubbles, but especially Champagne!  When I hear the pop of the cork and see the creamy mouse that bubbles up in my champagne flute, it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  What’s your favorite celebratory drink?

Wine Access, our affiliate partner, offers 3 top rated champagnes at an amazing price!  Check out the link to order yours now!

Wine Access Champagne
Order today! https://www.wineaccess.com/store/sparkling-rose/?p=22

Wine Access


Tues 2/20 Whoop It Up At Noon!

Have you had a case of the winter blahs? I sure have and that’s why I am gonna say “BYEEEEEE” to winter today at Noon in honor of Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day! Ok, so here is what you do, set your alarm and step outside right at noon, then start to wave your hands over your head and holler at the top of your lungs “Hoodie Hoo!”. This day is dedicated to chasing away those winter blues and guess what… this also marks the one month count down to the official start to spring!

Banish winter with a loud “Hoodie Hoo” and this amazing Spring Green’s Salad as you start the countdown to the official start of spring!

Hoodie Hoo Spring GreenSalad

Sun 2/18: National Drinking Wine Day

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Some people have the Super Bowl, I have National Drink Wine Day AND a Big Announcement!

I am so thrilled to announce that we are partnering with an AMAZING company called Wine Access. I am so crazy about this company not only because of their unique wine selection, but their dedication to wine education. This wine shop has tastes over 20,000 wines a year, I asked for an application but they apparently they only hire wine educators with decades of experience judging international wine competitions including two of only 45 Masters of Wine in the US. Their level of distinction is above and beyond and only select a mere 1% to be offered to their customers.

I LOVE wine, I don’t think anyone has their shocked face on right now, but I need to beef up my knowledge about wine. Their websites news and education site is AMAZING. I’m headed to Napa in a few weeks, and really was able to beef up on some of the local wineries and even learn tips on how to taste wine like a pro.

With their wide selection of reds, whites, sparkling/roses and even Sake, you are guaranteed to find the perfect wine at the perfect price for whatever you are celebrating! Check the affiliate link to start shopping!

Wine Access