Kiss My Grits, we’ve got 5,000 FB followers!

Kiss My Grits, we now have over 5,000 Facebook followers!

To celebrate I’m giving away 2 trios of Grits Bits, delicious cheese cookies in Cheddar, Jalapeño and Pimento Cheese flavors a $20 value!

Simply share your favorite post and type “kiss my grits” in the comments on FaceBook or sign up to follow the blog at, click the follow button and add your email address to follow!

2 winners will be chosen at random Friday afternoon one from Facebook and one from the Blog followers! Double your odds by doing both! Good luck y’all!


Mon 2/5: World Nutella Day

Nutella! If I could eat anything by the gallon, it would be Nutella! It was originally developed due to a shortage of cocoa supplies following the second World War. Originally it was shaped into a loaf that could be sliced (OMG, can you even imagine that deliciousness), it then transitioned into a creamy paste called super crema and then in 1964 we were blessed with the final product of the Nutella we all love today! And by all I mean the over 29 million Facebook followers and 14 million Twitter followers, wow! The world loves Nutella so much that recently chaos broke out in France when Nutella released a 70% discount on this coveted product causing multiple riots to break out at local grocery stores across the country. If I’m telling the truth, I might throw a few bows to get my hands on this creamy delicious hazelnut spread.

To celebrate National Nutella Day, check out this easy 3 ingredient Nutella Mug Cake that takes all of 5 mins to whip up…which might just be a bit too easy to for your waist line!

Nutella Mug Cake

Nutella Hazelnut Spread Twin Pack (26.5 oz. jars, 2 ct.)

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