3/30: National Take A Walk In The Park Day

Life isn’t always a walk in the park, but take a few minuets today to stop by and kick off spring with a stroll through your favorite park.  Make one of these awesome flavor infused waters to keep ya hydrated as you explore!  Click this link to discover National Parks Close to you!




3/29: Take Me Out To The Ball Game…

I’m no baseball expert, but I do enjoy the occasional minor league ball game.  The crowd, the music and the food all combine for one awesome family fun day and today kicks off the opening day of the 162 game season.  Make a big batch of this easy caramel corn, kickback and soak up opening day!

Momay Academy

3/28 Wine Crush Wednesday: Don’t forget that wine!

I LOVE getting wine as a gift, I know that’s not a shocker, but it’s always nice to remember where that wine came from.  Recently I started labeling wine gifted to me with a short note so I can remember who gave me that special bottle and when.  I just picked up some cute sticky labels from The Dollar Tree and jot the name of the person that gave me the wine and a quick note to the occasion or reason I received it.

It has been so nice to pick a bottle and not just enjoy the wine, but really enjoy the memory behind that bottle of wine!


3/24: Sips & Tips Mini Easter Treats

Do you have little ones coming to visit for Easter?  Be prepared with these tiny Easter Baskets created from supplies at the Dollar Tree.  For a full Easter Party plan, head over to Amazon by clicking this link and download our $2.99 Easter Brunch Party Plan!

I’ve got a 5 year old son, and believe me, I know how much little ones like treats.  These mini Easter Baskets cost approx $2.25 each.  As you might remember from my St. Patty’s Day front porch post, I LOVE me some Dollar Tree.  They have tons of fun little treats that are perfect for cheap little give aways for kiddo visitors.  Simply wonder the aisles and find what works for you! I suggest scooting to your nearest Dollar Tree and stocking up before your guests come over and be sure to download our Easter Brunch Party Plan for more great Easter Ideas!


$2.99 Easter Brunch E-Book Now Available!


I am so excited to share with you Sip Sip Hooray Presents Easter Brunch by me, Katie Leverett!  In this $2.99 E-Book you will get party tips & tricks, multiple invitation wording options, decor tips & product options and a full menu including downloadable recipe cards!  Don’t miss making your Easter Brunch amazing, download your copy today by clicking here!

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Download your e-book today!

03/21: National Common Courtesy Day With A Wine Crush Wednesday Twist

Wine CourtesyToday is National Common Courtesy Day, so take an extra minuet to hold the door for someone and don’t honk your horn at that annoying person who isn’t merging correctly!  The wine world has some of the weirdest rules, but I have complied some of the top 5 Common Courtesy’s when it comes to drinking wine.  Be sure to download this free printable and remember your manners tonight when you are celebrating Wine Crush Wednesday.

Click here for your free download of the Wine Courtesy tips