Hey Ya’ll!

When you wake up and watch the news, do you ever just want to snuggle back in and try again tomorrow? It’s like everyday there is something that is a total bummer.  This feeling is what inspired me to create my new blog, www.sipsiphooray.blog, to help bring back simple daily pleasures. Our lives get crazy, I get it, sometimes you get consumed in the daily grind, so that is where Sip Sip Hooray comes to your rescue!

I’m Katie Leverett, a full-time working southern mama and wife who is always trying to look for a reason to squeeze in a little fun! As I get older and real life starts to sink in, I am hit with the idea that we only get one chance at this life, and I don’t know about you, but I want this one life to be full of good times, delish food, tasty cocktails and most importantly beloved family and friends.   At Sip Sip Hooray we want to support you in creating mini celebrations for everyday life by scouring the calendar for celebration reasons, providing you with recipes, cocktails, fun themes and party tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily crazy busy wonderful life. Each week we are going to let you know about opportunities to celebrate, whether it’s the official start of tax season, This is Us’s season finaly or national pizza day.

Life is short, so don’t save parties for only special occasions! Follow Sip Sip Hooray on social media and our blog to help you live a full life by celebrating each and every day!


Katie Leverett

Chief Executive Partier, Sip Sip Hooray