4/10: National Siblings Day & Cinnamon Role Day

You know you’ve got cinn-a-bon memories of hanging at the mall chowing down with your siblings… most likely it was your grandparents giving you that luscious treat because no sane mother pumps their children full of so much sugar!

In the US approximately 80% of people have siblings and this holiday is intended to have a dedicated day of celebration!  This holiday has been made official in 49 states, so be sure to not forget your bro or sis today, shoot them a text, give them a call, hug their neck and if you are my brother reading this feel free to send expensive gifts!

Put a special adult spin on today’s celebration by sharing a tasty Cinnamon Bun cocktail with your favorite sibling!



3/20: Happy Spring Equinox Day!

See ya winter!  Today is the first day of spring and I am so thrilled for this brutal winter to be rotating on to the next hemisphere!  If you are on Eastern time, this occurs exactly at 12:15 today when the sun is directly in line with the equator and we will see an equal of amount of sunshine and nigh time.   So mix up a batch of these Peach Basil Moscow Mules, soak up that extra sunshine on your porch and ring in the first day of spring!

Be sure to download this free printable recipe for a Peach Basil Moscow Mule.

Peach Basil Moscow Mule

Moscow mule

Thurs 2/15: Poor Old Jolly

Let’s celebrate this versatile classic candy… the GUMDROP! I mean, let’s be real, you can bake with it, decorate with it, craft with it and straight up eat it. Check out this totally delish gumdrop cocktail while you break out that old Candy Land game for a night of fun! Make an extra drink for poor old Jolly, the official greeter of the Gumdrop Mountains whose pulling double duty by telling you “Heeeeyyyyy” all while mining them gumdrops!

Jolly's _Gum Drop_ Martini

Candy Land 65th Anniversary Game