4/12: National Grilled Cheese Day

grilled cheese

Grilled cheese really does make everything magical!  This is my favorite go to treat and there are so many ways to dress up a plain old grilled cheese.  My favorite trick is using a light slather of mayo on the outside instead of butter, when you toast it in the pan it gets super toasty and crisp!

Check out this link to 50 crazy grilled cheese recipes on food network.


3/29: Take Me Out To The Ball Game…

I’m no baseball expert, but I do enjoy the occasional minor league ball game.  The crowd, the music and the food all combine for one awesome family fun day and today kicks off the opening day of the 162 game season.  Make a big batch of this easy caramel corn, kickback and soak up opening day!

Momay Academy

3/20: Happy Spring Equinox Day!

See ya winter!  Today is the first day of spring and I am so thrilled for this brutal winter to be rotating on to the next hemisphere!  If you are on Eastern time, this occurs exactly at 12:15 today when the sun is directly in line with the equator and we will see an equal of amount of sunshine and nigh time.   So mix up a batch of these Peach Basil Moscow Mules, soak up that extra sunshine on your porch and ring in the first day of spring!

Be sure to download this free printable recipe for a Peach Basil Moscow Mule.

Peach Basil Moscow Mule

Moscow mule

Sun 3/4: Lights, Camera, Oscars!

Grab your popcorn and get ready for Hollywood’s biggest night! Red carpets, glitzy outfits and gorgeous jewels will have me raptured as celebrities flock to learn who’s the best of the best! The first ceremony was held back in May of 1929 at the famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and only 15 golden statuettes were handed out for outstanding achievements in 1927 and 1928. We all know today’s awards celebrate a LOT more than 15 folks, so try making this Cheesy Garlic Parmesan Savory Popcorn to get you through to the fabulous BEST categories!

Also check out The Oscar’s official site where you can test your knowledge with some Oscars Trivia Quiz.


pop corn


Thurs 3/1 National Peanut Butter Lovers Day

Oh my sweet waist line, I love me some Peanut Butter! Peanut Butter dates all the way back to ancient Incas and Aztecs who would roast and then grind peanuts into paste, however George Washington Carver was the premier brainiac associated with this beloved treat. He discovered over 300 uses for peanuts including shampoo, shaving cream and glue. Today we mostly inhale it due to it’s amazing creamy consistency, but it actually is a healthy treat that’s high in protein when eating in a normal portion… and a no a serving spoon doesn’t count as a spoonful.

Checkout this fun no cook peanut buttery treat that’s easy to make with the kids and perfect for Easter!

Click here to for a free download Easter Basket

easter nests


Fri 2/23: International Dog Biscuit Day

We love our fur babies! Spoiling your animals is a world wide obsession, we spend over $63 Billion dollars world wide on pet care. The humanizing of our pets began with the Baby Boomers and didn’t slow down with the Gen Xers or Millennials. The Pet Care industry is thriving and there is no indication of a slow down. One of the biggest trends is promoting a healthy pet lifestyle for your family pet! As a Southerner, we are know to love through food, so why not extend that to your sweet fur babies too with some easy no-bake puppy treats.

Check out this fun recipe you can whip up with your no canine kiddos!

Dog Biscuit Recipie.png

Fri 2/09: Treat Yo Self with Korean BBQ Pizza

I mean, can today get any better? Pull a double and celebrate both the opening ceremonies for the 2018 Winter Olympics AND National Pizza Day! Check out this crazy amazing Korean Pizza Recipe to chow down on while watching the games mascot, a white tiger named Shoohorang, help open up the games.

The 2018 games are being held in PyeongChang Korea and it is the 23rd Winter Olympics, the original taking place in France in 1924. Let your Team USA flag fly over the next 17 days as we cheer on random sports like curling, biathlons and short track speed skating. And don’t worry if you are a K-Pop fan like me, you can almost guaranteed an appearance by Teayang a member of Big Bang who is acting as an honorary ambassador along with other big names like Hines Ward.

With a 17 hour time difference, resist the urge to check twitter before watching the NBC daily airings of the competition. For a full schedule of events check out http://www.nbcolympics.com/

korean bbq pizza