Sun 2/18: National Drinking Wine Day

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Some people have the Super Bowl, I have National Drink Wine Day AND a Big Announcement!

I am so thrilled to announce that we are partnering with an AMAZING company called Wine Access. I am so crazy about this company not only because of their unique wine selection, but their dedication to wine education. This wine shop has tastes over 20,000 wines a year, I asked for an application but they apparently they only hire wine educators with decades of experience judging international wine competitions including two of only 45 Masters of Wine in the US. Their level of distinction is above and beyond and only select a mere 1% to be offered to their customers.

I LOVE wine, I don’t think anyone has their shocked face on right now, but I need to beef up my knowledge about wine. Their websites news and education site is AMAZING. I’m headed to Napa in a few weeks, and really was able to beef up on some of the local wineries and even learn tips on how to taste wine like a pro.

With their wide selection of reds, whites, sparkling/roses and even Sake, you are guaranteed to find the perfect wine at the perfect price for whatever you are celebrating! Check the affiliate link to start shopping!

Wine Access



2/14 Wine Crush Wednesday!

Wow, Wine Crush Wednesday AND Valentines, could life get better?  I discovered this treat at a vegan restaurant in Austin Texas, and it has become one of my most favorite tips for tricking our Champagne!  Let’s get real, Champagne is tots amazing all on it’s own, but when you add a splash of Lavender Syrup it just takes it over the top!  This is syrup has a semi-sweet, lightly floral flavoring that turns your Champagne a light lavender color.  Just trust me, you need this in your life!

  1. Pour a splash of Lavender Syrup directly into your champagne flute
  2. Take a spoon and place in the glass, then pour your favorite champagne over the top of the back of the spoon.  Doing this will layer the color, so you have a distinct color difference between the purple syrup at the bottom of the glass and then the champagne on top.
  3. Serve with a pretty stir and have the guests mix it themselves for the full effect.  Enjoy!

Monin Lavender Syrup 750ml

Monin Lavender Syrup, 33.8-Ounce Plastic Bottle (1 Liter)

Wine Crush Wednesday: Episode 3

Check out this awesome trick to turn your plain old wine into bubbly!


SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit, Black and Silver

SodaStream Fizzi MEGA KIT Sparkling Water Maker with 3 1L Carbonating Bottles and 60L CO2 Cylinder Cartridge,Lightweight Sleek Design, Makes Tap Into Sparkling Water in Seconds!

Ralph’s 6 Sodastream Syrup Flavor Sodamix Pack | Cherry Cola | Root Beer | Vanilla Cola | Cream Soda | Orange Cream Soda | Grape | Six 12oz Bottles

Wine Crush Wednesday: Episode 1


I am super pumped to introduce our weekly video series, Wine Crush Wednesday!  Wine is defiantly my jam, I LOVE wine and everything that goes along with it, so each Wednesday we are going to share tips and suggestions to help you have your best wine Wednesday!

This week we are going to talk one of my most favorite Chardonnay and how to quickly cool a bottle down for a last minuet sipping!  Click here to check out Wine Crush Wednesday Episode 1!

Wine Crush Wednesday is sponsored by WSJ Wines!  Who knew the Wall Street Journal was a hardcore wine peeps!  WSJ Wines had me at “Deliver Wine to Your Door” and they are offering an $120 savings opportunity on their wine club for Sip Sip Hooray followers.  So check out the sponsored links below to get this awesome savings opportunity and if you buy, Sip Sip Hooray makes a little bit of money!

WSJ Wines

Wine Crush Wednesday!