Sun: 2/11 National Meet A New Friend Day

National meet a New Friend DayWe are all adults here right?!? Let’s get real, it’s HARD to meet new friends as a grown up. I mean, what do you do, just walk up to someone and say “Hi, I’m looking for new friends”, ummmm no thanks! Between moving, work, being a wife, being a mom… when do you get a chance to connect and meet other like minded folks you actually want to spend that tincy bit of free time with. Check out these 5 ideas on how to meet new friends in a totally non-creepy way!

  1. Take a look around the places you frequent. Maybe your new bestie is hiding in plain site! Think about those people you see on a regular basis but haven’t put the effort into meeting. Think work, school, church, the gym. Strike up a conversation, introduce yourself by saying something like, I see you here all the time, just thought I’d say hi!       Maybe you have a great connection and you plan to meet up and have coffee and if you don’t have a connection at least you have a face with the name!
  2. Join a MeetUp group! It’s 2018, everybody is meeting online including new friends. Take a peek at this great website and look for others that have your same special interest.
  3. Take a skill oriented class like cooking, painting or pottery!  Do something you love or learn something new! Look for classes that have multiple sessions to give you a chance to get to know the other participants in the class. Hey, you at least will have one thing in common to talk about!
  4. Get active! Join a gym, yoga studio or a running group. You will start to see the same folks over and over and it will give you an opportunity to chat and get fit at the same time. Who knows, you might even start to go for coffee afterwards or meet up at the smoothie bar!
  5. Throw A Party! Host a friend pot luck! Ask everyone you know to the party and tell them to bring a friend! Be totally blunt, say hey I’m new to {fill in the blank} (town, the neighborhood, being a mom, working here, etc.) and I’d like to meet some more new folks. Fix some apps and provide the drinks and just ask your friends to bring more friends.

Fri 2/09: Treat Yo Self with Korean BBQ Pizza

I mean, can today get any better? Pull a double and celebrate both the opening ceremonies for the 2018 Winter Olympics AND National Pizza Day! Check out this crazy amazing Korean Pizza Recipe to chow down on while watching the games mascot, a white tiger named Shoohorang, help open up the games.

The 2018 games are being held in PyeongChang Korea and it is the 23rd Winter Olympics, the original taking place in France in 1924. Let your Team USA flag fly over the next 17 days as we cheer on random sports like curling, biathlons and short track speed skating. And don’t worry if you are a K-Pop fan like me, you can almost guaranteed an appearance by Teayang a member of Big Bang who is acting as an honorary ambassador along with other big names like Hines Ward.

With a 17 hour time difference, resist the urge to check twitter before watching the NBC daily airings of the competition. For a full schedule of events check out

korean bbq pizza

Wine Crush Wednesday: Episode 3

Check out this awesome trick to turn your plain old wine into bubbly!


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Wed 02/07: Thank you for being a friend

Gather your Flossy Posse and say, thank you for being a friend today on “National Send A Card to A Friend Day”. This might be one of those Hallmark holidays but I don’t know about you, it is always such a lovely surprise to get a note in the mail for no real reason! I’m Southern, so this it is ingrained in us to mail Thank You notes, but I don’t really ever send “just because notes” to my friends especially in this tech friendly world of tweets and texts.   I know, I know, going to the store, picking out the perfect card is just not on your to do list today!  That’s why I made some for you!

Download one of our free cards (click on the link for a PDF file) designed especially for your crew to let them know you are thinking of them!

Hey Friend Youre the Best

Hey Friend Youre the Best

Donut Forget Me

donut forget me

love you friend.pdf

love you friend

better together

better together. pbj


Kiss My Grits, we’ve got 5,000 FB followers!

Kiss My Grits, we now have over 5,000 Facebook followers!

To celebrate I’m giving away 2 trios of Grits Bits, delicious cheese cookies in Cheddar, Jalapeño and Pimento Cheese flavors a $20 value!

Simply share your favorite post and type “kiss my grits” in the comments on FaceBook or sign up to follow the blog at, click the follow button and add your email address to follow!

2 winners will be chosen at random Friday afternoon one from Facebook and one from the Blog followers! Double your odds by doing both! Good luck y’all!

Mon 2/5: World Nutella Day

Nutella! If I could eat anything by the gallon, it would be Nutella! It was originally developed due to a shortage of cocoa supplies following the second World War. Originally it was shaped into a loaf that could be sliced (OMG, can you even imagine that deliciousness), it then transitioned into a creamy paste called super crema and then in 1964 we were blessed with the final product of the Nutella we all love today! And by all I mean the over 29 million Facebook followers and 14 million Twitter followers, wow! The world loves Nutella so much that recently chaos broke out in France when Nutella released a 70% discount on this coveted product causing multiple riots to break out at local grocery stores across the country. If I’m telling the truth, I might throw a few bows to get my hands on this creamy delicious hazelnut spread.

To celebrate National Nutella Day, check out this easy 3 ingredient Nutella Mug Cake that takes all of 5 mins to whip up…which might just be a bit too easy to for your waist line!

Nutella Mug Cake

Nutella Hazelnut Spread Twin Pack (26.5 oz. jars, 2 ct.)

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Sun 02/04 Puppy Bowl Sunday…. Oh Yeah and the Super Bowl Too

Welcome to Puppy Bowl Sunday, or as my husband says Super Bowl Sunday! Honestly since the Falcons aren’t in, I decided to get super focused on the 39 fuzzy, precious, smoochy puppy faces that make up the starting lineup to this annual bash. This two hour event brings some great focus to ADOPTION! There are more than 6 Million animals in shelters across America that are looking for their fur-ever home, so be sure to check out your local shelter to start your own fur family.

Before you sit down to fill out your precious puppy bracket, mix up a crunchy, chocolatey, peanut buttery batch of Puppy Chow (only for people, not for actual puppies)! This is one of my family’s favorites and will prove for great munching during the big game (Puppy or Super) and is an easy recipe to do with the kids! Try building a “Puppy Chow” Bar and include little bowls of toppings such as mini chocolate bars, marshmallows, pretzels and dried fruit. Just like a puppy bowl bracket, both adults and kiddos love building their own special “bowl” treats.