Thurs 2/1: Family Learning Night to Kickoff National African American History Month

National African American History Month Kickoff

National African American history month is kicked off on Thursday February 1st and can be traced back all the way to 1915 and it’s a super important month for remembering people, event and achievements of African diaspora. Historian Carter G. Woodson started this celebration way back in 1915 and it has since grown from a single week to an entire month. It’s a great time to dig deeper into well known topics such as the courageous stories told during the Underground Railroad movement and discover lesser known stories such as inoculation was first introduces to America by a slave in 1706.

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a while since I’ve been in school and I am looking for ways to educate myself and my sweet baby on all the important achievements that African Americans brought to our great nation. I’ve dug all over the internet for ya and wanted to direct you to some super awesome support sites that will help provide you resource materials to share with your family. I cant think of a better way to kick off a dinner conversation than bringing out some of these unbelievable stories!


Fri 2/2: Punxsutawney Phil Better Not See His @#$% Shadow

You know you are thinking it, this winter has been BRUTAL! I don’t know if you can stuff a groundhog, but ole Punxsutawney Phil best be watching his back if he sees that shadow! On Friday Feb 2nd the little guy is gonna pop out and predict if we’ve got six more long weeks of winter to do. This is derived from a Pennsylvania Dutch superstition where a groundhog emerges from it’s burrow and then, wahhhallllaaaa, it’s as if he’s a meteorologist and predict the weather. In Germany, they also celebrate a weather predicting animal, the badger.

Groundhog Day (Special 15th Anniversary Edition)

Pop on Amazon and stream Ground Hog Day, the classic film staring Bill Murray, while you mix up our overnight Punxsutawney FrenchToast Casserole a kids favorite full of cinnamon, bread and apple gooey goodness! On Friday morning wake up the kids early, tune into the Official Groundhog Punxsutawney Groundhog Club’s live feed (BTW-this is a real thing and it is totally hysterical) and pray (HARD) that this little critter don’t see that shadow!

pux phil french toast


Fri 2/02: Dragging Sexy Out of the Woods

JT! He’s back, he’s really really back! A few years ago (or maybe a few decades ago) I would have spent album release day popping my cassette in the boom box, gazing longingly at my Justin Timberlake posters and dancing around my room all night in PJ’s and socks while I memorized all the lyrics. My husband and son might think I have lost my mind if I did that today, plus I have a feeling “Man of the Woods” isn’t going to be dropping to cassette.   So my plan is to snag a bottle of my favorite wine, mix up a batch of my favorite woody’s bath salt, download the Justin’s new album and binge listen while soaking in the tub and flipping through my favorite pile of trashy magazines!  If you are as much of a music junkie as my, why not try out Amazon’s Music Unlimited with a free trial at this link! Try Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial

Man of the woods Bath Soak

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Week of 1/29: Taxes, Eclipses and Groundhogs…oh my!

This is the post excerpt.

This is a busy week for you party people! If you have a political junky in the house, give them some space, because this is their week. IRS tax filing begins Monday, we got the state of the union going on Tuesday and Janet Yellen’s term officially ends on Saturday. Not to mention we have a rare Lunar Eclipse on Wed, the kick off of Black History Month on Thursday and Groundhog Day on Friday. Probably the biggest news of the week, drum roll please… Justin Timberlake’s album “Man of the Woods” drops on Friday! AHHHHH!!!!

Whew, I don’t know about you, but I’m already pumped to be celebrating all the fun events this week! Check out the links to my other blog posts for some fun party ideas to support this busy week of events, because if tax’s and eclipses don’t get your motor running I don’t know what will!

• 01/29- Monday, IRS tax filing begins
Taquitos & Taxes: Drown those tax sorrows in creamy Black Bean Taquitos with an Avocado Lime Sauce

• 01/30- Tues, State of the Union
@realDontaldTrump says “Peace Out 2017”: Unlike our divided parties, this “State of the Union” Cheesecake Salad will be both comforting and healthy

• 01/31- Wed, Total Lunar Eclipse
Goodnight Moon, Hello Werewolves: Celebrate this rare “Blood Moon” by packing your KELLBEE Cup with a “Blood Moon Martini”

• 02/01-Thurs, Start of National African American History Month
Family Learning Night: Gather the family around to learn more about the amazing people and events that are celebrated during this month

• 02/02- Fri, Groundhog Day & Man of the Woods Album Drop
Punxsutawney Phil Better Not See His @$%^*$# Shadow: This winter has been brutal, so nibble on our”Punxsutawney” French Toast Muffins while live streaming Phil’s Big Reveal

Dragging Sexy Out of the Woods: Settle in and relax as you soak in our “Man of the Woods” Home Made Bath Salts while binge listening Justin Timberlake’s hotly awaited new album

Week of January 21st