Fri 2/23: International Dog Biscuit Day

We love our fur babies! Spoiling your animals is a world wide obsession, we spend over $63 Billion dollars world wide on pet care. The humanizing of our pets began with the Baby Boomers and didn’t slow down with the Gen Xers or Millennials. The Pet Care industry is thriving and there is no indication of a slow down. One of the biggest trends is promoting a healthy pet lifestyle for your family pet! As a Southerner, we are know to love through food, so why not extend that to your sweet fur babies too with some easy no-bake puppy treats.

Check out this fun recipe you can whip up with your no canine kiddos!

Dog Biscuit Recipie.png


Mon 2/5: World Nutella Day

Nutella! If I could eat anything by the gallon, it would be Nutella! It was originally developed due to a shortage of cocoa supplies following the second World War. Originally it was shaped into a loaf that could be sliced (OMG, can you even imagine that deliciousness), it then transitioned into a creamy paste called super crema and then in 1964 we were blessed with the final product of the Nutella we all love today! And by all I mean the over 29 million Facebook followers and 14 million Twitter followers, wow! The world loves Nutella so much that recently chaos broke out in France when Nutella released a 70% discount on this coveted product causing multiple riots to break out at local grocery stores across the country. If I’m telling the truth, I might throw a few bows to get my hands on this creamy delicious hazelnut spread.

To celebrate National Nutella Day, check out this easy 3 ingredient Nutella Mug Cake that takes all of 5 mins to whip up…which might just be a bit too easy to for your waist line!

Nutella Mug Cake

Nutella Hazelnut Spread Twin Pack (26.5 oz. jars, 2 ct.)

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Mon 1/22: Do you have a case of the Mondays? Make it a Monopoly Monday

Monday’s stink! The lustful look at the weekend ahead seems like an eternity away, so why not shake up your week with a fun family game night. In my house on Monday’s by the time I wake up, my husband is already gone for the day, the house is sort of a wreak from the weekend, my kiddo is whining about school and I know once I hit work there will be a thousand emails and meetings no stop. Monday’s are non-stop, so do yourself a favor and have a little fun when you get home!

Fix a crock pot meal, have a drink and enjoy a little bit of time having fun with your family. One of my favorite easy game Monday night meals is Park Place Chicken Sandwiches. I grab a prepackaged bag of salad or pre-chopped fruit from the grocery and serve with my guys favorite chips.   The goal is to make it so easy that you just walk in the door and you’re ready to get your monopoly on!

Sunday night before bed…

  1. I pop all the ingredients into the crock pot and just place it in the fridge till the morning.
  2. I also write myself a post-it note and put it on the garage door, because Monday mornings are nuts and I have totally forgotten to pull it out of the fridge and get it cooking in the base.
  3. I grab 2 cans of Sophia Coopola’s Champagne (I mean it’s a Monday, if you want to go all in pop a whole bottle in there) and a few beers for the hubs to make sure they are chilling in the fridge
  4. Track down the monopoly game and toss it on the table
  5. Prep done!

Monday night…

  1. Walk in the door, pop your champagne and get your kid to start setting up the game as you shred up the chicken.
  2. Serve everything on paper plates for less clean up
  3. Soak up your family time and feel the magic of what Monday’s can be like if you plan on just carving out a little bit of fun time!

boardwalk chicken

Check out these affiliates on Amazon that offer some great Monopoly options to include all members of the family. My 5 year old LOVES the Monopoly Junior Edition!

Monopoly Junior Game (Amazon Exclusive)

Monopoly Game Disney Princess Edition

Monopoly Classic Game

MasterPieces NFL-Opoly Junior Board Game

Mon 1/29- Tostados & Taxes

Taxes are the worst! The IRS kicks off the tax filing season on Monday January 29th and I strongly suggest burying your tax blues in a big pile of tostados! Between now and April 15th you’ll need to start digging through that big box of receipts and prepare to send your taxes over to the IRS who expects to receive nearly 155 million individual tax returns for 2017. As you might have heard…thank you 24 hour news cycles… there were some big changes to the tax code so keep an eye on your mailbox over the next few weeks as your major tax forms will be distributed. My head is spinning just thinking about it all and I’m sure George Boutwell, who was the first Commissioner of the Internal Revenue under President Lincoln, would agree… Tostados make everything better.

I am obsessed with these creamy black bean tostados, they are vegetarian but still very hearty, super quick and easy to prepare and they are cheap so you can start packing away your savings to hand over to Uncle Sam. So do as I do, eat a ton of tostados and pretend to not think about taxes again till April 14th.

Tostados and taxes recipie card



Fri 2/2: Punxsutawney Phil Better Not See His @#$% Shadow

You know you are thinking it, this winter has been BRUTAL! I don’t know if you can stuff a groundhog, but ole Punxsutawney Phil best be watching his back if he sees that shadow! On Friday Feb 2nd the little guy is gonna pop out and predict if we’ve got six more long weeks of winter to do. This is derived from a Pennsylvania Dutch superstition where a groundhog emerges from it’s burrow and then, wahhhallllaaaa, it’s as if he’s a meteorologist and predict the weather. In Germany, they also celebrate a weather predicting animal, the badger.

Groundhog Day (Special 15th Anniversary Edition)

Pop on Amazon and stream Ground Hog Day, the classic film staring Bill Murray, while you mix up our overnight Punxsutawney FrenchToast Casserole a kids favorite full of cinnamon, bread and apple gooey goodness! On Friday morning wake up the kids early, tune into the Official Groundhog Punxsutawney Groundhog Club’s live feed (BTW-this is a real thing and it is totally hysterical) and pray (HARD) that this little critter don’t see that shadow!

pux phil french toast