Mon 3/12: Flower pots aren’t just for flowers

Now that we are recovering from that horrid time change, spring is in the air!  Time to get outside and freshen up those flower pots with the latest trends….unfortunately I am basically a flower murder!  I get busy, I forget to water, then next thing I know my $40 pot of flowers is as dry as the dessert, brown, brittle and broken!  One trick I like to do is make fun creations for my front porch that rotate with different holidays.

For a St. Patrick’s Day themed front porch I headed to my favorite store… The Dollar Tree!  For $7 a planter I was able to turn a basic empty flower pot into a fun whimsical celebration.  Hope you try it out also!

  • Flower arranging base
  • A large green flower pinwheel
  • 3 small yellow tulip pinwheels (which I am also going to use for Easter)
  • 1 package of green pre-curled bows (3 were in a pack)
  • 1 package of mini tissue paper puffs (6 come on the line, but I trimmed to just 3)