3/28 Wine Crush Wednesday: Don’t forget that wine!

I LOVE getting wine as a gift, I know that’s not a shocker, but it’s always nice to remember where that wine came from.  Recently I started labeling wine gifted to me with a short note so I can remember who gave me that special bottle and when.  I just picked up some cute sticky labels from The Dollar Tree and jot the name of the person that gave me the wine and a quick note to the occasion or reason I received it.

It has been so nice to pick a bottle and not just enjoy the wine, but really enjoy the memory behind that bottle of wine!



03/21: National Common Courtesy Day With A Wine Crush Wednesday Twist

Wine CourtesyToday is National Common Courtesy Day, so take an extra minuet to hold the door for someone and don’t honk your horn at that annoying person who isn’t merging correctly!  The wine world has some of the weirdest rules, but I have complied some of the top 5 Common Courtesy’s when it comes to drinking wine.  Be sure to download this free printable and remember your manners tonight when you are celebrating Wine Crush Wednesday.

Click here for your free download of the Wine Courtesy tips



03/14 Wine Crush Wed: Napa Valley Wine Train

Wine Access


As many of you know, I was lucky enough to pop over to Napa for an awesome trip filled with wine, wine and a little bit more wine.  One of the highlights of the trip was getting to take a full day excursion on the historic <a href="http://Wine Accessbanner“>Napa Valley Wine Train.  Wow, I have to say, I was totally blown away by this fun, educational and relaxing experience.

The historic train takes of from downtown Napa and is an easy walk from many of the downtown hotels.  Upon arrival, you check into a train depot, then board for your specific tour.  We selected the Quattro Vino Legacy Tour which included a four course meal and guided tours at 3 well know wineries in the valley.  Upon boarding the historic train you are greeted with a bubbly tasting of champagne and seated in a comfy velvet booth with beautiful marble features and shiny brass fixtures.

As the train slowly and smoothly departed the station, we were served our first course as we started the journey to the first winery.  The train takes a slow and steady pace so you get sweeping views of the countryside making the journey just completely breath taking.  There were two attentive servers that serviced the cart, and they were on top of each request, and the train offers an excellent wine menu to help keep you hydrated during your journey!

The pace of the day is absolutely perfect and includes lots of yummy food with guided winery tours tucked in between.  We loved how the winery guides greeted you right as you exited the train and each were highly educated about the history and details behind the wines you are tasting.  The tours were just long enough and each allowed for extra time to walk around on your own prior to boarding the train for the next stop!

As I’m sure you can tell, I would highly recommend The Napa Valley Wine Train to anyone headed to the Napa Valley.  The romantic atmosphere and gourmet meals combined with the interesting guided wine tours tops a van tour any day!  Next time you are in Napa checkout The Wine Train and let them know Sip Sip Hooray sent ya!

If I have got you wanting to head to Napa right now, head on over to our partner, Wine Access and order up some authentic Napa Valley Wine that will at least take your taste buds to the valley right from your own home!

Wine Access


3/28: Wine Crush Wednesday, Just Chillin

Wine Access


I will be the first one to admit my wine knowledge is totally basic.  I know I like wine, but that’s about where my knowledge ends.  There is no shame in this blog, so I’m just gonna say it, sometimes I drink warm Chardonnay, I know I’m not supposed to, but I do.  While you were gathering yourself from that revelation, I would like to pinky promise that moving forward I want to do better… I need to do better… so I got down and dirty with research on the proper way I should be drinking my best friends… ummm I mean wine. thermo wine

What I discovered in my research is that serving your wine at the ideal temperature will drive an optimal drinking experience.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m adding in extra calories, they better be optimal.  If you are serving your wine to warm, the alcohol flavor will be enhanced, which I know might sound enticing, but ultimately it just makes the flavor of the wine feel flat.  And if you are serving your wines too cold, it will mute flavors making them taste too harsh and astringent.

So it seems we have ourselves in a bit of a goldilocks scenario, what is the perfect temp for your wine?  Glad you asked, the majority of the resources suggested the following serving temperatures:

wine tempsSparkling Wine: 45-48 °F
Light White Wines: 45-50 °F
Full Bodied White Wines: 50-55 °F
Light Red Wine- 55-60 Degrees °F
Full Bodied Red Wines- 60-65 °F

Helpful right?  Ummm, no, and just so you know your kid’s little forehead thermometer is no help in checking wine temperature.  All of this is great info, but how the heck do you check a wine bottle’s temperature?  So glad you asked!  We have researched some of the top rated wine thermometers on Amazon and have provided you some affiliate links so you’ll never be abashed by your wine temperature again!

Is your wine a bit too hot?  Too cold?  Check out the quick how to video on the fastest way to make your wine perfect for that picky Goldilocks wine snooty guest.

Take a look at these great and affordable thermometer options!  After all this digging, I am going to pinky promise to try to stop dropping ice cubes into my Chard!  Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Kikkerland Wine Bottle Thermometer

Plastic Cased Alltemp Select Infrared Wine Thermometer with Clip

Vacu Vin Wine and Champagne Bottle Snap Thermometer – Purple

2/14 Wine Crush Wednesday!

Wow, Wine Crush Wednesday AND Valentines, could life get better?  I discovered this treat at a vegan restaurant in Austin Texas, and it has become one of my most favorite tips for tricking our Champagne!  Let’s get real, Champagne is tots amazing all on it’s own, but when you add a splash of Lavender Syrup it just takes it over the top!  This is syrup has a semi-sweet, lightly floral flavoring that turns your Champagne a light lavender color.  Just trust me, you need this in your life!

  1. Pour a splash of Lavender Syrup directly into your champagne flute
  2. Take a spoon and place in the glass, then pour your favorite champagne over the top of the back of the spoon.  Doing this will layer the color, so you have a distinct color difference between the purple syrup at the bottom of the glass and then the champagne on top.
  3. Serve with a pretty stir and have the guests mix it themselves for the full effect.  Enjoy!

Monin Lavender Syrup 750ml

Monin Lavender Syrup, 33.8-Ounce Plastic Bottle (1 Liter)